[New Market/Asset Listing Proposal Template]

Copy and use this template to create any new market/asset listing proposal. For General Protocol Proposals please use the specific template provided here.

Title: Proposal to launch: Token Name.

A short (200 word) description of the token proposed to be listed.

Give some background about the token and what it does. A quick 1-2 sentence paragraph will be okay.

Specification / Metrics:

  • Addresses
  • Trading volume
  • Coin supply outside of exchange wallets
  • Coin supply on Exchanges (as a % of total supply)
  • Holder Distribution

Other Metrics:

  • Links to security audits (if relevant)
  • Derivative trading volumes (if applicable)

Specification & Rationale:
Extend your explanation of the rationale and vision for the proposal! What impact will this have on the protocol’s technical, social, financial (if applicable), and governance aspects?
Pros: Provide benefits as to how the proposal implementation will advance the protocol.
Cons: Are there any disadvantages with implementing the proposal?

Each proposal has to have a “Yes/No” poll to vote on the CMS period. To create one, go to “Configuration” > “Build Poll”.
If there are any Snapshot votes or forum polls associated with this proposal, please attach it.


Best of lucks to all


Ok, let’s build together forever


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I will support , make emdx famous to the publick exchange

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Yes vote. Good luck EMDX Communıty

Nice piece of idea… Wish the project success