[Passed] Proposal for the TGE to be held on Q123

Conducting a groundbreaking launch is a complex financial and technical challenge, so we appreciate your patience as we work really hard to navigate these uncharted waters.

This has always been a community project. Our goal has always been to put the EMDX community first in everything we do. That is why we need to know your thoughts on when to face the TGE (Token Generation Event) in order to maximize the chances of a successful launch and long-term sustainability of the protocol. Here’s a question for our community:

Should the TGE be held on Q123?

  • Yes
  • No

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Also, we’d like to hear your thoughts, you’re welcome share them!

Note: The phase CMS (Check for Motion Support) will be open until December 26th at 2 p.m. UTC. Based on the results, it will either proceed to MGV (Motion Granted for Voting) on Snapshot or not.

26.12.22 Update
After been approved on the CMS Phase, the proposal advanced to the MGV (Motion Granted for Voting) stage. Tokenholders can now vote on Snapshot until December 29th at 2 p.m. UTC.


Get a huge success fam🙏


Everyone agree for TGE on Q01-2023.!:eyes:


We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for EMDX! :crossed_fingers:


Do it now if possible
Don’t make a reason about bearish or bullish


Keep going :muscle::muscle: EMDX :muscle::muscle:

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What is your marketing idea?

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Yes yes!
It’s long overdue


We can’t wait team.
Let’s do it already


Go on Team! You’ve done a great job! Keep goin’ :+1:

we waited a long time. Don’t let this expectation go to waste. We can wait a little longer for success. We do it a time when the market is positive. As long as we are ready to do it when the time comes. Staystrongteam. :muscle::muscle:

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together we are strong :muscle: :muscle:

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Acredito que por estarmos em um pré Halving podemos esperar um pouco, o projeto está excelente a cada dia mais e mais, creio também que o lançamento com o mercado em Alta será ainda melhor, acho que devemos esperar um pouco!

:rocket:Time EMDX vocês são os melhores :clap:

We believe in the project and the team. Let’s have the TGE and go moon

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Waited for the project and seeing lots of achievements already I believe it’s time to get our token

Go go go emdx i vote yes

We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for EMDX

US is in recession and there is global inflation. FED will continue to increase interest rate apart from that there is inner dynamics of crypto. FTX contagious effects completely haven’t shown itself yet in my opininon and also Genesis, DCG and Blackrock are in bad position. They can affect quite negative the price.


keep building to get succes

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I am very hopeful about the project, everything will be better when this month is over, you continue to improve.