[Passed] Proposal to launch: perps on XAVA

XAVA is the token of the Avalaunch launchpad the main launchpad of the Avalanche blockchain.
Staking XAVA tokens allows you to have a guaranteed allocation, payable in $AVAX, when a new project is released.
Avalaunch’s new staking mechanism allows these tokens to be locked for a long period of time in order to benefit from certain bonuses, such as a larger allocation, exclusive access to IDOs and airdrop.

This last year the price of $XAVA has been very volatile, many large projects have launched via this platform guaranteeing very good returns to participants.
However, the volatility of $XAVA and the lack of existing solution to hedge against this one has forced many users to simply give up exposing themselves to this token.

Specification / Metrics:

  • Addresses: 0xd1c3f94de7e5b45fa4edbba472491a9f4b166fc4
  • Trading volume: 488 693 $US
  • Market Cap: 15 183 676 $US
  • Coin supply / Max supply: 27 455 556 / 100 000 000
  • Total XAVA Staked: 16,311,707.38

Specification & Rationale:

Perps on XAVA will allow users to hedge against the volatility of the token and thus be able to more easily access IDOs while more easily controlling the risk of exposure to the $XAVA token.
By listing the token now, EMDX is positioning itself as a significant player in the IDO economy, EMDX can aspire to be the reference in hedging for the next IDOs and thus have a significant participation in the growthing of the blockchain Avalanche.

More information:

Should we pass this proposal to MGV (Motion Granted for Voting)?

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  • No

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19.08.22 Update:
After been approved on the CMS Phase, the proposal advanced to the MGV (Motion Granted for Voting) stage. Tokenholders can now vote on Snapshot.


Wonderfull this , lets go


That’s great, team
We are always behind you!


Let’s all support this initiative together! :rocket:


Sisteme ve kullanıcılara hayırlı olsun.


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lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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XAVA’s volatility quite gruesome. It really affected Avalaunch in a negative way. Any positive contribution to XAVA will be helpful and also it might attract new people to EMDX in my opinion.


wonderful project,lfg lfg


Go listing xava on emdx to the moon

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I very agree for listing xava

It’s an offer we’ve been waiting for

gogogo, Support this proposal

IDO on AVAX are to pledge xava.

I have concerns about Xava but, what else gonna be. We have to trust EMDX

Grear to see this proposal

Look so awsome , LFG

platformumuza hayırlı olsun, güvenimiz tam

so easy thinks daddy