[Protocol Proposal Submitting Template]

Copy and use this template to create any general proposal. For New Markets/Assets Listing Proposals please use the specific template provided here.

Title: Proposal: The title should be 50 characters or less.

Short Summary
Provide a concise and understandable explanation of the Proposal.

A short (200 word) description of the technical issue or improvement under consideration.

The motivation for modifying EMDX protocol is crucial for the proposal. It should clearly explain why the existing protocol specification is inadequate to address the problem presented in the proposal. Submissions of proposals that lack sufficient motivation may be rejected.

The technical specification should describe the syntax and semantics of any new feature.

The rationale fleshes out the specification by describing what motivated the proposal and why particular design decisions were made. It should describe alternate designs that were considered and related work, e.g. how the feature is supported in other languages. The rationale may also provide evidence of consensus within the community, and should discuss important objections or concerns raised during discussion.

Each proposal has to have a “Yes/No” poll to vote on the CMS period. To create one, go to “Configuration” > “Build Poll”.
If there are any Snapshot votes or forum polls associated with this proposal, please attach it.


I just hope when it goes to vote, it clearly explains what will happen to those of us that are running for Community WG Steward. I find it hard to believe the majority of voters would think the best plan would be to say “sorry newly elected Comm Stewards, but your WG doesn’t exist anymore. Tough luck.”


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